The Team

Meet the Inspired individuals behind our community.

Waseem Abbasi Founder

Waseem comes from a diverse background. He has worked as a banker, stock broker, exporter and owned businesses in the food industry. His recent initiative is HUB Inspired where freelancers and entrepreneurs come together to work side by side during weekly co-working sessions. Waseem drives HUB’s vision and strategy in a unique way to bring people together. He also designs and outlines workshops’ content and events organised by HUB. As an advocate of communities Waseem’s vision is to create a very welcoming community that celebrates the unique contributions of everyone and provide a supportive forum for independent professionals to help foster collaboration and success. Working for yourself is hard and Waseem has tremendous amount of respect for those who are out there carving out their own futures.

Alessa Ward Advisor

Alessa Ward is a training development consultant, entrepreneur and business advisor. She has a wealth of knowledge and specialises in project implementation and transformation projects. Alessa designs bespoke training programmes and events, working with clients from both public and private sectors across the globe to deliver unique programmes focused on quality and innovation at the forefront. She is also co-founder for a monthly subscription box company delivering natural, authentic and quality Greek produce along with curated recipe ideas. Alessa has been with HUB from its early days, she not only enjoys the co-working sessions but also advises on strategic issues.

Hermione Cameron Poet

Hermione is one of our first members and our little star. She graduated from Goldsmiths University of London with an MA in Creative and Life Writing. Her first poetry collection ‘Recipe for Being a Woman’ is now available! You can order your copy at

Most of her current work is on her blog:


You will need: The required sexual organs: see page 3 of the accompanying beauty manual for details A slender, yet shapely form: any curves must be positioned in the correct places, long legs are preferable Beauty: a pretty face: Suggestions include: a small pixie like nose, rosebud lips, large eyes under shapely brows, delicate jawline.

Thomas Grenet Financial Advisor

Thomas has spent 10 years in the finance industry, and the last 5 years as a credit research analyst in leverage finance for asset management firms in the City. Eager to enjoy new challenges, Thomas turned to startups. In September 2017, he founded Guide and Seek Ltd, a consultancy business focusing on helping startups getting investment ready as well as developing financial performance monitoring and budgeting tools. He also teaches and delivers workshops for entrepreneurs to help them understand financial matters.