How do I Create a Google Analytics Code

So you’re ready to start tracking your website data and you thought: How do I Create a Google Analytics Code? Great let’s started;

What you’ll need before we start:

A Google account – that’s it.

Now head to: and log in. You’ll need to answer some questions for T&C related stuff. Once you’ve done that add the URL of your site ( for me).

For your account name enter whatever you want the website to be called and finally select your timezone.

Some more agreeing to be done – then you’ll be able to see the code – Copy and paste this into a word document.

So How do I Create a Google Analytics Code – it’s as easy as that! Now you have your code you’ll need to know How do I Install a Google Analytics Code…which is handy.

How do I Create a Google Analytics Code if I already have an Account?

If you already have a Google account go to and login. Click the Admin button, select the account you want use:

Now click the Property dropdown and select New Property

The next screen you get to choose some specifics:

  • Website Name: The name of your website (pretty simple)
  • Websute URL: The address of the website in the style of or how you set it up)
  • Category: Select from the dropdown
  • Reporting Time Zone: Select the time zone you’re in :).

So How do I Create a Google Analytics Code – It’s pretty simple really isn’t it.

Now you’ve done that you’re going to need to know How do I Install my Google Analytics – Handy! ?

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Already created AND installed your GA code, but now you want to find out How to Use Google Analytics, great!

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Courtesy of Chris Pike

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