SEO for Advanced Users

Date & Time

August 29, 2019
10 am to 6 pm


Work.Life 20 Jerusalem Passage, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4JP


The SEO landscape is always changing. With Google regularly releasing updates to algorithms and new markers of brand awareness, we need to adapt our SEO strategies to reflect current changes in search engine indexing. This full-day SEO for Advanced Users course will go beyond the basics of on-site, off-site and technical SEO, and will allow users to create a comprehensive link building strategy while recognising the more advanced facets of technical SEO.
The course will comprise visual presentations, case studies, written exercises, group exercises and quizzes.
The full-day course will cover:
  • Local and cross-device SEO
  • The latest algorithms
  • The importance of site speed and how to improve this e.g. lazy loading, minifying
  • Introduction to news jacking and tools to make the most of this
  • Differences in content types – evergreen versus topical content
  • Advanced indexing and directives e.g. canonicalization, meta no index, rel no follow
  • Good and bad SEO – follow and no follow links, plus how to get rid of Google penalties
  • Marketing your brand to international audiences
  • Building a comprehensive SEO strategy
  • Complementary tools e.g. SEMRush

All our courses are led by industry experts who actively work with businesses and clients and are always up to date with the most recent advancement in their fields.

This is an introductory offer, other institutions offer similar courses for £400 plus VAT.

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