Facebook Paid Ads: Strategy, Building a campaign, analysing Data to measure Success and optimising results.

Date & Time

July 18, 2019
5 pm to 9pm


Work.Life 20 Jerusalem Passage, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4JP

Strategy, Building a campaign, analysing Data to measure Success and optimising results.

Creating, scheduling and updating Facebook posts is something we all can do. But is your post/ads seen by your target audience? Are you able to cut through the noise other businesses are making and reach your target audience online?
An effective Facebook paid ad campaign is a must and will give you a competitive edge.
This 4 hour very practical workshop will teach you how to create a Facebook Ads strategy and build an effective campaign plan. We will also look at how we can optimise ads for better results and eliminating things that aren’t producing results, this would help you spend your money wisely.
We’ll cover everything from the basics of creating an advert, all the way through to re-targeting, creating custom and lookalike audiences
Grow your business with Facebook Ads. From Set Up to Analysis, learn how to create, run and make Facebook Ads work for you.
The half-day course will cover:
  • Develop an effective ad strategy
  • Create a campaign plan centred around your goals
  • Audience Insights
  • What each advert does and when to use them
  • How to target your audience
  • How to spend your budget
  • Advert analysis
  • How to measure the success of your adverts
  • Tracking
  • What is Facebook pixel? why it is a must and how do you use it?
  • Remarketing
  • URL Tracking
  • Google Analytics (for results)
  • Web-site landing page 101
  • Creating custom and lookalike audiences based on your customers (and website      visitors)
  • How to create more specific audiences using their previous interactions
  • A/B testing (split testing) ads to improve performance
  • Monitoring and editing adverts


This course is ideal for Small business owners, Marketers, Advertising managers, Public Relations, ecommerce professional and ANYONE looking for the most highly targeted and cheapest advertising strategies on Facebook.

All our courses are led by industry experts who actively work with businesses and clients and are always up to date with the most recent advancement in their fields.

£89.00     Fee
£75.00     Bring a friend a get a discount

Please note this is an introductory offer as similar courses are offered for £150.00 plus.

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